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  • Allow potential buyer to imagine themselves living in the space

  • Maximize appeal to the largest potential buyer population

  • Showcase the space and features of the house/condo

  • Present the property in "move in condition"

  • Provide excellent return on investment

  • Minimizes the stress by selling the property faster

Statistics show vacant homes sell almost 80% faster when they are showcased with furniture. Because most people find it hard to visualize the potential of an empty home. We will select tasteful furniture and accessories that will greatly enhance the home. We will identify and itemize what items are needed for your property. We can help sell your empty house or condo by providing our FREE Home Staging and presenting your house in a model home setting.


  • NO CHARGE- Staging Consultation ($200 value)

  • NO CHARGE- Rental Furniture and Accessories (upto $5000 value)

  • NO CHARGE- For Delivery ($400 value)

  • NO CHARGE- Cleaning before and after the sale ($300 value)

  • NO CHARGE- Professional Photos, virtual tour and Floor plans ($250 value)

  • NO CHARGE- MLS® listing ($1000 value)

              THIS IS A VALUE OF OVER $7000

Staging tips.

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Home Improvement

Staging Transformations/ Before & After

The Syrja Team provides staging for all clients with no additional charge. We beieve that staging makes all the difference. Check out these before and afters - What do you think?

Staging: Features

Condo by the Dome- BEFORE

8 Telegram Mews

This unit was tenanted for many years before listing.  We played off already fantastic red kitchen cabinets with bright accessories and bold art. Here is the before...

By The Lake- BEFORE

2269 Lakeshore Ave

This unit was tenanted for several years, after a fresh coat of paint and staging, it was a bright, fresh space!

St. Lawrence Touch up- BEFORE

3 Market St.

This fabulous condo was already beautiful when we arrived a few staging pieces to highlight the dining area and hotel style pillows and linens to dress up the bedroom was all we needed to create this trendy space.


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